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How to craft an engaging Shopify store about us page

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To every creator, Shopify acts as a gateway to sell their products. Creators spend many hours working on their Shopify store. They work hard to make it perfect before launching it to the public. Creating a Shopify store requires a compelling About Us page. It’s indispensable and provides help.

Shopify store about us page is where we tell people who we are, what we believe in, and what we offer as a brand.

The whole story boils down to one fact— Shopify’s “About Us” is the go-to page of a brand to say to its audience “This is who we are”.

Researchers found that 86% of consumers verify a brand’s authenticity before purchasing.

What is the “About Us” Page?

The “About Us” page is a page on a company’s website that gives a brief overview of the business and its history. The information includes the founding team, mission statement, and company values. The page helps businesses show they are real and gain the trust of potential customers.

The “About Us” page builds trust with customers and boosts SEO. Businesses can improve search engine rankings by using relevant keywords and industry information. This makes it easier for customers to find them online.

The only page you can share with those who want to understand your brand

Why Do Brands Need an About Us Page?

All companies need an About Us page to show they are real and trustworthy. Hubspot reports that 31% of shoppers believe an About Us page helps convert visitors into customers.

How to plan OR draft “About Us” page content?

  1. Begin by setting the scene: Introduce the key players and provide an initial impression of how the brand started.
  2. Introduce the Problem: Describe the problems that your brand addressed.
  3. Introduce the Problem: Describe the problems that your brand addressed.
  4. Deriving a Solution: Outline the roadmap of how the business is fulfilling its purpose and achieving milestones.
  5. Brand’s Future Vision: Describe what the brand plans to contribute in the future.

Great About Us pages tell the story of a brand, its founders, and their accomplishments. They use language and statistics to make it interesting.

The stories show how a brand follows a special business model that audiences can learn from. Such kind of transparency strengthens the brand image amongst its audience.

You can include reviews, press mentions, or user-generated content on your About Us page. It integrates social proof about the acceptability of your company.

Merchants can shape the About Us page by adding a video or photo gallery. They can also link it to social accounts and blogs.

How “About Us” page help for SEO?

Adding an “About Us” page increases your site’s content and helps Google understand your industry and products. It will also help customers to have more faith in your store.

Two Huge Opportunities on the “About Us” page

  • To tell about Your brand and team
  • On every page of the Shopify store, you only mention products and there’s no place to show the human side of the brand.

  • One of the biggest opportunities presented by an About Us page is the chance to showcase your team and their individual expertise. Building trust and credibility with potential customers is important. They want to know who is behind the brand they might buy from. When you introduce your team members and their roles, customers can connect with the people behind the products or services they love.

  • To drive them to your social media

  • The About Us page can drive traffic to your social media accounts while showcasing your team. When you include links to your social media profiles, it makes it easier for customers to connect with your brand on a personal level.

Here is a quick checklist to get started

  • Share what is your brand, vision, and goal
  • Introduce your team members e.g. Founder, Marketing head etc..
  • Show some interesting statistics to make your vision meaningful
  • Describe What you sell, Why you do it
  • Show your featured listing
  • Share your key social media proof
  • Write a brief about your inspiration
  • Quick links for Contact Us, FAQs, Support etc..


About Us page is a crucial component of any successful eCommerce store. Using it helps you build a real brand, gain trust from customers, and get more social media traffic. Creating an engaging About Us page can help your store stand out and attract loyal customers. This can lead to future growth.

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