Our 8-steps working process.

#1: Auditing & analyzing

Typical analysis segment to get a crystal clear target.

First thing first, we analyze the health of your store to prepare a game plan.

#2: Strategic planning

We plan the whole game plan in a purposeful direction to get a degree of flexibility.

This planning includes:
  • Cost
  • Impact
  • Timeline
  • Effectiveness
  • Features development
  • Customization ability

#3: Cost of performance vs change

Every change in a store has its impact. And we ensure that the change doesn’t decrease the store speed and performance while meeting the goal.

#4: Back-up & restoring

We give an assurance that we don’t break your store. So for that, we create the safe zone first to backup & restore every creation. In a coincidence or damaged case, our backup and repair approach turns out to be the king of solutions.

#5: Set up versioning control

We implement an industry-standard versioning control system to save time and bring efficiency. Mainly this helps to go back-n-forth, compare, and make a quick decision.

#6: Real changes with coding standards

Our certified experts follow semantic coding practices. Coding is poetry, and we are confident about its lyrics. We write unique code that you would love to bite a piece of it.

#7: Assuring the quality of store

Our every work passes through accurate human testing with the paring of many devices, browsers, and especially from a user perspective. In addition, we use premium tools for QA.

#8: Finalise your project and continue working together

Once you're happy with your project, you can begin discussing your next project together.

  • Unlimited revisions until it's 100% right
  • Push to your live store when you're ready

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