Shopify Apps: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right One for Your Business

Shopify Apps: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right One for Your Business

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➡️ What is the Shopify app?

The app is the software or plugin providing different ways to customize your store. Shopify has 8k+ apps in its app store.

➡️ What do they do?

Shopify App injects functionality, Enhances user experience, and makes merchant stuff easier. Like Increasing sales, Helping customer engagement, and Improving store experience etc…

➡️ Why do we need it?

To solve a business-specific problem going beyond what Shopify serves at the basic level.

➡️ How it works?

It provides ready-made features, and functionalities by using some settings and configurations.

➡️ The advanced way to use the Shopify apps

Many times apps do not fit with your store's branding and user experience. The reason is they have their own international way but many of them provide the extra way to integrate using APIs OR webhooks.

Like recharge has its own API and Theme engine to set up a custom portal for subscription users, have its own API, Klaviyo has its own API, etc..

➡️ How Shopify apps can hurt/harm your store?

If the app doesn't integrate in the right way, It can down the store speed. If the app code is not meeting standards, It can inject buggy code. This integration can hurt CLS, FCP, and other core web vital metrics and so overall store speed and performance go down.

The down store means directly hurts your sales OR conversion rate. And if you are running an ad campaign to get traffic, You are wasting that money because of a poor conversion rate.

In other words, You have installed an app to increase the sales OR conversion rate but now because of that app, you are losing money. So, You need a solid Process, Clarity, and Assessment to select the best app in the best way.

➡️ How to decide which is the best app and why do I need it for my store?

Ask the below questions to decide Which app and why!

→ Do I really need this app?

→ Is it providing a feature that I am looking for?

→ If it is providing, What is the side effect?

→ Why I am going to plan to use this app?

→ Does the app provide the required support?

→ Does it have good ratings, feedback, and developer documentation?

→ How app company has an active community?

➡️ Conclusion

The app provides some great functionalities within a few clicks. But if you choose an app in the wrong way which doesn't fit or suits your need/expectation. It's directly going to make your business down.

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