How to Create Impactful Shopify About Us Page Template

How to Create Impactful Shopify About Us Page Template

To every creator, Shopify acts as a gateway to sell their products. Creators spend hours working on their Shopify store, before launching it in ...
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To every creator, Shopify acts as a gateway to sell their products. Creators spend hours working on their Shopify store, before launching it in the public domain.

Along with creating a persuasive FAQ, and Contact page, a Shopify portal of a brand demands an impactful About Us page to create their identity in the market. If a brand fails to communicate to people— “About Them”, selling their items to a considerable number of buyers would become at once tricky. Labeled as — ‘About”, “Story”, and “Mission” an About Us page serves the primary purpose of communicating to the public “Who we are, what values we stand by, and what do we have to offer” as a brand. The whole story boils down to one fact— Shopify “About Us” is the go-to page of a brand to say to its audience “This is who we are. Researchers claim that 86% of the consumers checked for the authenticity of a brand when they first time bought any product. This blog will make a brand owner understand why is it a good idea to invest on one’s Shopify page discussing those verticals that he/she should talk about in an About Us section for a lasting impression.

Do Brands Really need an About Us Page?

The answer to this question is yes. Whether new or old, small or large every company needs an About Us page to claim their authenticity in the market. Hubspot find out that 31% of the surveyed shoppers think About Us is a mandatory part of a website, to convert a witnesser of its brand into its customer.

How to Create a Shopify Page?

Creating About Us in a Shopify store follows simple steps—

1. From the shopify admin panel one needs to select Online Store, and then select pages from the side menu.

2. Now, add the‘About Us’ page.

3. Give the page a name, for example ‘About us’.

4. Now save and the About Us section will be created.

Keep reading this blog to further know, what content one should put inside this About Us page. But, before that lets discuss how to create the template for the same page.

How to Create a Shopify About Us Page Template?

To create an impactful About Us section for a Shopify e-commerce shop one needs to design the right template following these steps—

1. Firstly, log into the Shopify Admin panel and navigate to the Online store.

2. After landing in the online store section choose themes.

3. Click on the dots button to further select either HTML or CSS option.

4. Now locate the template folder and click on the link that directs to Add a New Template section

5. Now, it is time to create a new template for the About us page. Choose the page option from the drop-down list and give it a suitable name. ( For example About Us— Team Magnolia)

6. Now press the Create template button and save the page template.

7. When the page template is successfully designed it will be located in the template folder. The same will also be ready to undergo editing. (The identity of the page will be somewhat like page.About Us—Team magnolia.liquid file.)

8. When the new template is created, it will carry a standard code with its file. One can edit it in order to fit one’s needs. After making changes one needs to save it.

9. After this step, it is time to assign a new template to a page, in this case About Us. The page will be found by going to the online store, and further selecting the Page section. Now open the About Us page.

10. In the next step locate the template section on the right side of the screen. Select the designed template from the drop-down list.

11. Save it to make sure the new edits stay as it is.

12. Lastly, refresh the page and note all the changes that took place. It will satisfyingly direct a user to the About Us section.

What Content is to be used in the About Us section?

The Best of the About Us pages tells a story written in the compelling language. And at the center of this story is placed a protagonist, which in some cases is the founding team of a brand. The stories depict a change with the help of statistics, how it started, and how is it going. The stories are also blueprints to the audiences telling the unique business model a brand adheres to. Such kind of transparency strengthens the brand image amongst its audience. Contents based on reviews, press mentions, or user-generated content can very well fit inside the margins of your About Us page. It integrates social proof about the acceptability of your company. To further give the About Us page its desired shape merchants add a video, or a gallery of photos, and link it to several social accounts and blogs. This is how a funnel is created, that converts visitors to consumers. Using the formula beneath a merchant can create an impactful About Us section for his/her Shopify page.

1. Set Up the scene: Introduce the characters of the setting, to give the very first impression of how the brand started.

2. Introduce the problem: Describe what problems your brand acted upon

3. Mention about Conquering challenges: This portion deals with how a brand rose above all the potential challenges

4. Mention about Deriving a solution: Come up with a road map about how your business is thriving its purpose, and achieving milestones.

5. Mention the Brand’s Future Vision; What a brand plans to contribute in the future is the matter to be put in here.


While starting a brand an owner might not find a lot of content to be incorporated in the About Us section. But, if the brand owner knows why the project was launched, and what is its target audience, he/she is good to start his/her About Us page. And, for those who already have their About Us created it is advised to check if visitors are regularly stopping by. No matter at what stage a business is standing About Us will always pay them off in great proportion.